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All About Tamal Anwar (Chowdhury)

Read all the information about Bangladeshi internet entrepreneur Tamal Anwar (Chowdhury). Quick links, news and contact information

Hi my name is Tamal Anwar (Chowdhury) the website you are looking at is my first blog website created back in 2008. This site ranks #1 in google for my name so I thought to use it as a to the point bio page of myself.

My Work

I'm a Certified Wordpress Thesis Designer from DoubleMule. I offer web design services for business and individuals at my company site: ThesisThemeDesign.

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Tamal Anwar is a gem, by Chris S Endres
Do send me a line if you need help in custom wordpress websites.

My Blog

I'm a blogger at BlogKori. Over at blogkori I share tips and guides on internet marketing and how to make money online. I have a good readership on the blog and have earned a good reputation online for being a blogger.

As a Person

I'm a 22 year old dude, living in Dhaka, Bangladesh. I spend most of my time on the computer and when not, I love to spend time with my family. Here are some quick facts about Tamal Anwar (me!)
  • I love short film making and have a production at our backyard called BlogKori Studios
  • I love learning new skills everytime; if it's new I'm in!
  • I have a good sense of smell
  • I have a degree in Business Management and attending a Bachelors in Business
  • My favorite cartoon is Tom & Jerry
  • My favorite sport: Football(soccer)
  • More can be found on my personal blog

Past Work

At past I was a fashion designer for my own store "Tomart with Maya" we sent our work to France, we designed for Pothiks (Bangla music band in Paris)

I worked on our home business ran by my mom for a short period of time; I also worked on MLM at Destiny 2000 ltd. In most of my early work, I become team leader, accounts manager and adviser.

I worked on different web projects such as Fun4Teens/CreativeTeens in 2004 and also an online shopping site DhakaSale in 2007. Both of the sites failed. First one didn't launched and 2nd one didn't took off at all.

Contact Links

Thank you very much for visiting and I will be happy to connect with you soon.